Within the framework to conform to the Global Fund New Funding Model, CCM have been committed to create an enabling environment for the participation of all the actors and stakeholders through «Country Dialogue”.

It is for this reason that CCM Cameroon coordinated the various initiatives of civil society in relation to the “Country Dialogue”. The initiatives of the “civil society” including Key populations; PLHIV and Gender and Human Rights were under the control of CAMNAFAW (Cameroon National Association for Family Welfare) and that of TB / HSS / Gender and Human Rights were carried out by FIS Cameroon. The working session on the coordination of the activities of the “Country Dialogue” held on July 20, 2017, at CCM and chaired by the Technical Secretary, recommended the sharing of initiatives in order to better impact the drafting of the Concept Note TB / HIV.

On August 8, 2017, the team in charge of drafting the Concept Note made available Draft N ° 2 of the Concept Note with its annexes. At this stage, initiatives that came from “Country Dialogue” processes provided for the review of the Draft by the members and experts of the Civil Society “TB” on one hand and “Key Population & PLHIV” on the other hand.  However, in a search for effectiveness in the quality of the contribution of the joint civil society “TB / HIV” Concept Note, various initiatives were put together in response to the recommendation made during the July 20, 2017 consultation.

It was in this light that a two day workshop was co-organized (by FIS / CAMNAFAW) to review the Draft 2 of the Joint TB / HIV Concept Note with the civil society working on TB/HIV. The workshop was held on August14 and 16, 2017 at Hotel FELYDAC (Omni sport) Yaoundé.  The main objective was to analyze the conformity of Draft 2 with the guidelines relative to Global Fund financing request and to formulate civil society proposals to improve the quality of the demand.

Specifically, it was to analyze:

• The quality of planning for prevention, treatment, cross-cutting (HSS/CSS/GHR) aspects of health (public, private, community)• The effectiveness of taking into account the priorities that resulted from the consultation of the communities at the regional and national level,• The quality of planning for key populations, people living with HIV and / or TB; TB / HIV Vulnerable populations at the community level, gender, human rights etc.• Coherence between the different documents of the funding request particularly the alignment in terms of priorities and the harmonization of data.• Concrete suggestions for improving the request for funding, particularly the quality of planning for key populations, people living with HIV and / or TB; TB/HIV Vulnerable populations at the community level, quality of gender mainstreaming, human rights etc.

Think about:• Identify priorities for communication with the grassroots and advocacy for other constituencies, national programs, CCM, government, etc. It should be noted that, the final draft of the Concept Note taking into consideration the government and civil society priorities for HIV and TB was submitted to Global Fund on Monday August 28, 2017.

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